Welcome to the Global Humanitarian Summit Website

Hi.   I’m Ted Metz and I have volunteered to help plan and organize the 2016 GHS in Atlanta.


I hope you will volunteer your time, talent or treasure to the cause.



2 Comments on “Welcome to the Global Humanitarian Summit Website

  1. I have worked with and followed the “World Humanitarian Summit and I their goals are clearly defined on their website(https://www.worldhumanitariansummit.org/), could you help me understand your immediate and long term strategies for our humanitarian crisis? I could not find it on your website. Plus do you have a history of activities for your organization available.
    Lastly; what is the purpose of the upcoming 2016 summit?
    Thanks in advance.

    Tony King

  2. I enjoyed speaking to Sheron last night. I want to share the website with several collegues and AmeriCorps volunteers. Looking forward to possibilities!!

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