Emory 2017 Global Humanitarian Summit



What: A humanitarian festival, a movement, and a gathering bringing together humanitarians from all over the globe to learn, network, share, connect, and inspire.

When: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time: 1PM to 7PM (talks from 1PM to 6PM, food and beverage reception 6 to 7PM)

Where: School of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta GA

How: Sponsored by Volunteer Emory; organized by Emory undergraduate and graduate students


Contact: webmaster@globalhumanitariansummit.org

Facebook: @globalhumanitariansummit

Website URL: http://globalhumanitariansummit.org/


Administrative Note: In past years, this Global Humanitarian Summit has been sponsored and organized by those other than undergraduate students at Emory University. The Summit does not have external funding or administrative support staff.  To that end, the goal is to create a highly successful and powerfully charged symposium format that will catapult the program towards the future. In subsequent years, it would be the hope that we can engage others in the process both from a funding, administrative, and advertising perspective.


Executive Summary/Abstract:

There are many known threats to humanity, but perhaps the greatest threat is a lack of collaboration among humans toward the common good.  A Humanitarian Summit is a celebration of humanity and defense of our livelihood where it is threatened. It is a cause for hope and call for change.  The Emory Global Humanitarian Summit (E-GHS) is organized and run by a consortium of Emory undergraduate students who will, in time and for future summits, involve students from the Rollins, Candler, Law, and Medical schools as well. The program is also strengthened by involvement from community partners, CDC staff, Emory physicians, and members of various Atlanta communities.  The 2017 Summit will take a glaring and objective look at how our well-being as humans is currently under attack through in-depth talks, keynote speeches, interactive exhibits, workshops, film screenings, education, and entertainment. These presentations as well as the food and beverage reception to follow will foster a dynamic and interactive approach to challenge the status quo and brainstorm solutions that can be put into action as a result of the Summit.  It will be our explicit goal to collate qualitatively the highlights of this year’s Summit and use them to form the Summit in 2018. In this manner, each Emory Global Humanitarian Summit may build on the next to help realize our Mission Statement.


We invite you to take part in the Global Humanitarian Summit as a speaker, exhibitor, or attendee, and interact with some of the most amazing people on the planet. We hope you can join us.

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